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Nicki Minaj, also known as Onika Tanya Maraj, is a Trinidadian-born American rapper born in Saint James, Trinidad Tobago. She was relocated to Queen, New York at the age of five. Nicki Minaj is known to have a bad childhood. Her father was a violent drug addict and she had wished her mother were stronger. She was quoted as saying this to the Details Magazine.

“I’ve always had this female-empowerment thing in the back of my mind, because I wanted my mother to be stronger, and she couldn’t be. I thought, ‘If I’m successful, I can change her life.’”

Due to the early struggles, she developed personalities that made her want to be a “completely new person”. In the early stage, she fantasized herself to be somebody called “Cookie” and “Harajuku Barbie. Finally, she decided on the name “Nicki Minaj”. As she put in

“Fantasy was my reality”

Determined to make a breakthrough, Nicki Minaj released three mix tapes before signing on to Young Money record label.  Her subsequent releases were a huge success. Her achievements include first female stand alone artist to carry 7 singles on the Billboard chart Hot 100, having her single topped the Billboard, and being the first ever female artist to be covered inside the MTV’s Annual Hottest MC List.

Nicki Minaj Song Quotes:

“It aint ya spit game. It’s ya dick game. That got me walkin round ready to wear ya big chain.”

“These broke rappers always rappin’ ’bout a pink truck. I’m only happy when I’m hoppin’ out the Brinks truck.”

“All the days of my life I have been waiting for this time. Could you believe now it’s right before my eyes.”

“Only one chance one bullet in the gun. This is my life and I only got one, yeah. The safety’s off and I put on her. Oh stick ‘em up, stick ‘em up. Ready to shoot.”

“Yes I did, yes I did, somebody please tell him who the eff I is I am Nicki Minaj, I mack them dudes up, back coupes up, and chuck the deuce up.”

“Put it on everything, that I will retire with the ring. And I will retire with the crown — yes. No I’m not lucky, I’m blessed — yes. Clap for the heavy weight champ — me.”

“I’m a bad bitch, I ain’t never been a mixed breed.”

“F-ck I look like ho? I look like yes and ya look like no.”

“Cause it’s Barbie bitch, you can join the wave. I done penny, nickel, dime, I done coined the phrase.”

“Ask Lil Wayne who the 5-star bitch is.”

“Switch my hair, they gon’ copy her. Switch my gear, they gon’ copy her. Look at how they stare, just a copier. Roger that. Did you copy that? Copycat.”

“Yo, now all these b-tches wanna try and be my bestie, but I take a left and leave them hanging like a testie. Trash talk to ‘em, then I put ‘em in a Hefty.”

“When he come up in the club, he be blazin’ up. Got stacks on deck like he savin’ up.”

Nicki Minaj Love Quotes:

“I am so territorial, that [from the start] I just felt like whatever I was gonna do I was gonna write it myself, its my personal preference to always be in control of everything I do in life.”

“I, I’m not livin life. I’m not livin right. I’m not livin if you’re not by my side.”

“It aint ya spit game. It’s ya dick game. That got me walkin round ready to wear ya big chain.”

“Man the sh-t that we be fighting over so irrelevant. I don’t even remember, though I was probably hella bent.”

“Ice my wrist-es then I piss on b-tches. You could suck my diznick, if you taking shizzes. You don’t like them disses, give my ass some kisses. Yeah they know what this is; givin this some business.”

“Baby if you ask me to take a break, I’ll give it all away, don’t care what the people say. I’ll be a million, billion, trillion miles away.”

Nicki Minaj Quotes On Life:

“If you don’t take control of your career, guess what? You’ll be stuck in the sunset watching the sunrise, I am the sunrise.”

 “True confidence leaves no room for jealousy. When you know your are great, you have no need to hate.”

“Bump in my hoopty hoopty hoop. I own that. And I aint payin my rent this month. I owe that.”

“That’s why I call you Buzz Lightyear. Cause by the time you start buzzin bitch, you gon have white hair.”

“Them nappy headed hoes, but my kitchen good. I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish a bitch would!”

Nicki Minaj Famous Quotes:

“Bitches aint poppin. Google my ass. Only time you on the net is when you Google my ass.”

“Yeah we shine, gold cluster. As for your career? Dead, Ghost Busters.”

“When I’m out the country, niggas call me Neeki. Hi, how are you? Yes, it’s nice to meet me.”

“This pussy clean, this pussy squeeky. That pussy old, that pussy creaky.”

“Kiss my ass and my anus ’cause it’s finally famous.”

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